2014 / solo exhibition

«Ў» Contemporary Art Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

We exist from event to event, from holiday to holiday. Dark matter lays between, usually called daily life, and cannot linger in our memory because of its amorphous form and runs through our fingers. Repetition, as the main principle of daily life, immerses us into the trance of existence, like a hypnotic pendulum and dissolves us in the time stream.
New Year celebration is a moment at the joint of this cycle, as a triumph of the calendar; it exists between past and future, life and death. Like an orgasm, marked by fireworks, giving new life to the collective body.
Today in Belarus the most important celebration ritual is New Year. A festival with pagan roots, transformed by the Soviet system which blends public and private. It eases the increasing tension in society and programs its future. A transcendental event, which acquires phenomenal value in conditions of totalitarianism: the triumph of order and discipline, the ecstasy of repetition and subjection and at the same time a portal to a parallel world, where the potential of liberation is stored.

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Photo by Vika Shcherbakova.