Bruthaus Gallery (Waregem, Belgium)

Scrolling timeline sections, falling into a hypnotic trance of a RGB waterfall, dissolving in it's turbulent stream. As if the internet is acquiring surrealist qualities of a dream or a parallel world, filled with anonymous legends and myths. The place where we produce and multiply a semantic glitch of a fragmentary knowledge, forming a collective brain where each neuron has it's IP address. 
While our prostheses touch Martian soil, split up protons in a giant accelerator, data is blooming up by incredible flowers. Science as if a new religion, lights up our way to immortality. We reproduce and redesign ourselves, structure our surrounding, subduing to our logic everything, over and over we are looking for the way to escape. Thirsty for resistance, hungry for destruction, obsessed with oblivion. Speed as an anthem of the newest time inspires and intoxicates us, involving us into an insane dance of galaxy vortex, while gravity catches us in its arms, turning us into fossil ammonites. 
Decoding a "digital man" in an archaeological manner, capturing prehistoric motives in his everydayness, questioning functions of his brain amygdala, EXO OBLIVION experiences aggression of the modern world through its aspiration for a mythical comfort.

Jura Shust