2021 / Group exhibition

Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

At the time when Belarus is shaken by a major political crisis accompanied by mass protests and unprecedented repressions, while the whole world is gripped by a pandemic, a group of Belarusian millennials finds themselves in a parallel world.
“It is a looking-glass world – time here moves in a loop, the past and the future are united, and each sound echoes over the tree crowns to get back to the throat that produced it. A constellation of eye-like lakes is surrounded by a sacred forest, no one counts days or nights here, and every morning the light is born.”
Accompanied by an artist who is both a mediator and a cameraman, young people explore decentralized nature as their minds and bodies move through it. The forest becomes a place of protection, a shelter for magical and partisan forces, a space of non-linearity and freedom.

'Neophyte II' presented within the framework of "Every Day. Art, Solidarity, Resistance” group exhibition at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine).