Inkjet print on Butlerfinish Dibond
163 x 57 cm (x5)

The graphic language of the work is based on the junction between myth and fact, esoteric iconography, and scientific iconographic - kind of a rebus with no final solution. The iconographic elements refer to the scientific research in the field of elementary particles: Neutrino, also known as ghost particle. The primary research method of Neutrino is based on so-called Neutrino telescopes - huge, natural or artificial water tanks equipped with detectors, that try to catch mysterious particles in the thickness of the water. Every second, billions of neutrinos pass through the human body. Traveling freely through the matter with super- luminal speed, particles are produced by nuclear reactions of stars, and some originate from the big bang.
The capture of these instances is most intriguing for scientists around the world. Mastering of the Neutrino offers ambitious perspectives for the scanning of the universe and, in a broader perspective, the study of the universe’s history. Graphic representation of the research is closely interwoven with symbols and images of mythological thinking and traditional outlook. The desire to explain the world around us through rational and idealistic ways of knowing the world, the utopian view of the future, fetishism and animism - one of the main themes of the work.