Full HD video
7:17 min. (loop)

The video work is documentation of the performance: the artist is drinking water from a fountain in the fading shopping mall. This underground shopping mall located in the center of Brussels was opened at the beginning of the last century. Prestigious and popular in the past, today it is a relic of the last unclaimed past, some kind of a temple of a consumerist cult. Many shops are closed due to non-profitability, and only mirrors that lined the walls and vaults of the center, retain the memory of the past consumer’s pilgrimage.
At the center of the architectural ensemble, constructed in a futuristic vein, there is a fountain which continues to rock the living matter through the channels of a complex system, maintaining its hibernation. Referring to the widespread comparison of water and information, the artist connects his body with this ramified system, recreating a kind of ritual of inclusion in the thinking shell of the noosphere. Besides, the work refers to the myth of Narcissus, the dissolution in the reflection or copy which is an important phenomenon of modern culture. The conceptual finale is outside of the scope of video work - the ingesting of the antidote - 11 tablets of activated charcoal, to prevent physical and informational intoxication.