Digital video, Full HD
Duration 9:11 min (loop)

The New Year celebration is the most important mass holiday in the post-soviet region of today. The feast, which derives from pagan roots, still fulfills a social function, as it blends the public and the private, transforming the nation into a big family, just like it did hundreds of years ago. Looping the year cycle, New Year is a triumph of the calendar, and as a result, it is a statement of daily order and discipline. This is why, probably, the holiday has such a powerful tradition of celebration, also with magical connotations, which is something atypical for the secular Soviet structure.
The holiday’s main symbol, the fir-tree, refers to the myth of the World Tree. In the past, being an object of worship, the tree played an important role of mediator with a parallel world. This is why, to this day, people bring sacrifices to it and decorate its branches…
The film presents a symbolic procession through the artist's hometown. The place, as if after a coma, slowly comes back to life, 10 days after the New Year celebration.